Thursday, June 20, 2019
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Oil & Gas Information
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Return to Work Program Guide
This guide will help you construct an effective return to work program and create meaningful work assignments for workers injured both on and off the job.
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Drug-free Workplace Policy
Support a safer work environment with this Drug-free Workplace policy; includes an employee acknowledgement form.
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Oil & Gas Industry Services Portfolio
The Oil & Gas Industry Services Portfolio features a handpicked selection of our unique loss control, risk management, compliance and safety resources.
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Oil and Gas Industry Services Snapshot
Learn more about our risk management, loss control and compliance solutions designed specifically for the oil and gas industry.
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Hot Work Permit Program & Training Materials
A program to establish hot work electrical procedures based on OSHA standard 229 CFR 1910.252 general requirements. Includes presentation speaker's notes and sign-in log, and employee handout and quiz. Employers should customize this document to address all of their legal and contractual obligations, and to account for requirements that are specific to their industry, line of business or project.
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Coverage Insights - Oil and Gas Industry Coverage Options
Use this Coverage Insights to inform your oil and gas clients of the many types of liabilities they face.
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Oil and Gas Risk Insights: Monitoring to Prevent Patterns of Violations
A pattern of significant and substantial violations can cost a mine operation both money through fines and loss of productivity. Avoid a pattern of violations through safety compliance and better monitoring.
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Risk Summary & Coverage Checklist: Oil and Gas Well Operations - Non-Drilling Services
Includes a risk summary of operations, codes, exposures and coverages to consider for your reference, and a coverage checklist for client use.
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Oil and Gas Rig Inspection Checklist
This safety checklist combines applicable safety standard requirements and recommendations to promote safe oil and gas drilling and well-servicing operations.
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2018 Most Frequently Cited OSHA Standards - Oil and Gas Extraction (NAICS 211)
Recent statistics from OSHA reveal the top standards cited in the fiscal year 2018 for the oil and gas extraction industry.
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